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GamrMe Sold To Skyrim Fansite

by Moyo G.on July 9, 2014
GamrMe.com has been sold to the Skyrim Fansite. It’s been a pleasure working on this news site the past year and getting to meet some fantastic people along the way. Alas, other projects have been taking more of my time, and I felt I could no longer give GamrMe the attention the website deserves. Thankfully, […]

Ubisioft Explains Watch Dogs Unused Graphical Options

by Moyo G.on June 20, 2014
Recently some modders looking through the file content in Watch Dogs found out that there were options that could make the game look much better but weren’t available through the game. The question across everyone’s minds was why? why would you limit the graphical options available especially on a platform as versatile as the PC? Well […]


Crytek Registers Domain Name “HuntTheGame.com”

by Moyo G.on June 1, 2014
Crytek has registered a brand new domain name for what is most likely going to be their next game. This comes via a tweet from Superannuation Crytek registered http://t.co/MTS0VWXQhf http://t.co/1N6JhnSpJw #things — superannuation (@supererogatory) June 1, 2014 that links to the information of the domain name where we clearly see that the domain name was registered […]

“No Plans For GTA Movie” – Take Two CEO

by Moyo G.on June 1, 2014
With multiple games receiving movie adaptations such as Assassins Creed and World of Warcraft, it is no suprise that people may have though that their beloved open world game, Grand Theft Auto may also receive one, however it seems that this is currently not on the table. In an interview with Gamespot, Take-Two CEO, Strauss Zelnick, said […]


New Info On Io-Interactive’s Hitman Game Coming In The Next Week?

by Moyo G.on May 26, 2014
It seems that we may be getting new info on IO interactive’s new Hitman game this week. According to a tweet coming from IO Interactive’s Community Manager, we were supposed to recive new info on the game this month however we havent yet but that doesnt mean that its too late. We promised an update on […]

Metro Redux Announcement On 22nd Of May?

by Moyo G.on May 21, 2014
The Metro Last Light twitter has been pretty busy releasing teasers of their expected port of Metro: Last Light and Metro: 2033 the next-gen consoles, and it seems that they may have just given away a release date or an announcement date. The latest tweet from the account says [MATURE] Last one today. You guys […]


Quantic Dream Working On 2 Projects?

by Moyo G.on May 10, 2014
It seems that our buddies at Quantic Dream are keeping busy by currently working on 2 projects. Accord to the CV of  Simon Wasselin,in charge of Associate Lead Gameplay at Quantic Dream, he is working on 2 Undisclosed projects. UNDISCLOSED PROJECT 1 Writing Game Design Gameplay mechanics —————————————— UNDISCLOSED PROJECT 2 Gameplay mechanics Interface & Menus One […]

Star Wars Battlefront From D.I.C.E Coming Out This Fall?

by Moyo G.on May 9, 2014
Joakim Bodin, lead software engineer at D.I.C.E has been tweeting some very mysterious things alluding to a new game. This new game apparently has Multiplayer and is coming out this fall according to a tweet. New multiplayer game; has maps and comes out in the fall. Buy it. — Joakim Bodin (@jbripley) May 9, 2014 […]


Capcom Tells Us Their 6 Most Powerful Franchises

by Moyo G.on May 9, 2014
In a document created by Capcom detailing the company’s competitive edge, Capcom revealed their 6 most powerful franchises. The list reads: Resident Evil – 61 million units. Street Fighter – 35 million units. Monster Hunter – 28 million units. Devil May Cry – 13 million units Dead Rising – 7.5 million units. Lost Planet 5.6 […]
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